Thursday afternoon we laid stone steps to our second compost pile and cleared pokeweed and wild grapevines from around the garden. We also uncovered a pawpaw tree (red flagging) that Robbie had previously planted.

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First of all, we’re not settled on all the information we’ve thrown up on this here blog. But (!), we’re excited to take a step forward and publicize some of our intentions for an ecologically conscious living project in Mt Auburn, Cincinnati. We find ourselves between a house, the Earnshaw house, as a rental property and a house as an intentional sustainable community. Currently, 4 folks reside at the Earnshaw house and 2 of us – Robbie and Peter – are at the helm of this transition and we’re backed by and collaborating with Nick and the whole Mac House!

This week we’re excited to be meeting with sustainability staff from Xavier and UC to discuss possible intersections and collaborations. Additionally, Robbie and I will begin working on small improvements around the house on Thursday afternoon and we’ll post some photos of the results over the weekend. Lastly, something provocative to read: America the Possible: A Manifesto, Part I by James Gustave Speth.